Your ABACC membership offers you access to a wide range of professional development opportunities, including:

  • The Business Office 360° program: An intensive, fast-paced program covering the most common areas a typical business officer would need to understand in order to excel in an institution of higher education;
  • Focus Webinars (which may qualify for CPE Credits); and
  • Online Courses from preferred resources.

Upcoming Live Events and Webinars

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“My dear colleagues, I’m on a lunch break in the middle of the ABACC Summer Seminar 2019, hoping and praying there will be one in 2020. This thing is absolutely fantastic. When Bruce called this “a deeper dive,” he meant it... but that sure didn’t mean boring!”

“You’re missing it, folks. I’m sorry, but you really are. The subject matter is focused, fulfilling and, to put it mildly, TIMELY!”

Rob Hartman, Chief Financial Officer, Columbia International University