ABACC Endorsements and Testimonials

College and university presidents, members, and ABACC Partners recommend and endorse ABACC as the Association that can help you achieve success in your role as a Business Officer.

Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary

Leaving a position of Senior Pastor to serve in my current position as president of a Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary, I simply did not know what was available to help strengthen institutions of higher learning and thereby assist me in this new role. Then I learned of ABACC and became a huge fan.

Christian Higher Education Canada

One of CHEC's cooperative relationships is with ABACC (the Association of Christian Business Administrators at Christian Colleges) and I'm writing to encourage you to reconnect or take a first look at this organization, led by Executive Director, Bruce Hoeker.

Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges

In times of disruption, the importance of mission in all aspects of higher education takes on greater significance, particularly for those who manage institutional financial resources and strategy.

Canadian Council of Christian Charities

CCCC is pleased to have your educational institution in membership, and to serve you with the best available information on operating a registered charity in Canada.

Cornerstone University

We are delighted to be long standing member of ABACC! Over the years it has proven to be a consistent resource that has empowered our financial and business team to maximize their effectiveness.

Luther Rice College & Seminary

Luther Rice has been a member of ABACC for several years, and I want to share with you that we highly value our membership and partnership.

Through ABACC, our institution’s CFO has developed significantly with regard to the role, knowledge, and duties of a CFO.  Our institution has been the beneficiary of the excellent training seminars and workshops provided by ABACC.

Columbia International University

I’m so grateful for the professional development opportunities and the support ABACC brings to our CFO, Controller, Business, and Financial Aid Offices. ABACC’s cutting edge programs are the best available.

Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

In the tradition of ACCU and our mission to “contribute to the greater good of the world and the Church,” we are proud to endorse and recommend the Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC).

As a chief financial officer, business officer, or business administrator of a Catholic college or university, your strategic guidance and financial management is critical to the mission of your institution and vision of its board and leadership. ABACC is a community of like-minded professionals who discuss and share their knowledge on relevant topics, current regulations, and higher education-related issues while sharing the same goal: serving God at our institutions to the best of our abilities.

Lourdes University

I have been affiliated with ABACC for most of my last seventeen years in higher education and consider this group to be one of the best resources for business administrators in the field.

ABACC has an extremely active listserv and is a ready source of support to new and veteran business officers. ABACC consistently has put together an annual conference that offers both CPE and opportunities for the development of rich, enduring friendships.