Annual Conference Sponsors

ABACC relies heavily on our sponsors to create an incredible experience for our attendees. Your sponsorship creates significant good will amongst our attendees, builds brand recognition and trust, and supports the Association and its members. 

Choose a sponsorship from the list below or contact the ABACC Office to customize a specific package just for you.

All sponsors are acknowledged in the Conference Program and receive additional benefits as listed below.

Contact Bruce Hoeker at ABACC to secure and customize your preferred sponsorship.

Bruce Hoeker

ABACC Hospitality Desk Sponsor

ABACC's Hospitality Desk is "home base" for all attendees throughout the entire Conference. Located centrally in the highest traffic area of the Conference, all attendees use the Hospitality Desk for their conference needs. As ABACC's Hospitality Desk Sponsor, you receive a premier location to set up your oversized booth (right next to ABACC) and you'll be able to offer multiple "Exhibitor Spotlights" as part of regular Conference programming.  You'll be right in the middle of all the Conference hubbub! 

Conference Wifi Sponsor

Our attendees very much appreciate wifi service provided by our sponsor. Our Conference Wifi Sponsor will receive an acknowledgement in the Conference Program, including your logo, and the wifi password will be your company name. Every time an attendee wants to access free wifi, they'll have to type your name!

Tote Bag Sponsor

Provide a tote bag for every attendee to use while they're attending sessions and visiting the exhibit hall. Tote bags include the ABACC logo and your company logo. T'ote bags are a great take-home gift that our attendees use all year long!

Attendee Badge Lanyard Sponsor

Every attendee wears a name badge throughout the Conference. Put your name on the lanyard and help build brand recognition!

New Business Officer's Program

Our Business Office 360 program is designed for new or newer business officers. These two, full-day programs offered at the front end of the Conference provide sponsors with a full day of access to attendees who are often attending their first Conference. Your sponsorship gives you exclusive access to the workshop itself, lunch and dinner with our attendees. Make an impression with our participants right from the get-go!

Wednesday Evening Opening Reception

Our first official gathering at the ABACC Conference is the Wednesday Evening Opening Reception. Along with acknowledgement in the Program, you are welcome to provide signage throughout the ballroom and on the food tables. This event is a fun kick-off to our Conference and will be a networking style event with lots of food, live music and good fun. Bring your team and work the room! We'll also introduce you to the attendees and provide a few minutes up front to welcome our attendees and let them know how you can help them with your products and services.

Thursday Lunch

Attendees will enjoy a casual self-serve lunch inside the Exhibit Hall on Thursday afternoon. The sponsor is welcome to provide signage for the serving area and give-away items if you'd like. For an additional cost we can provide specific branding to really make a splash!

Thursday Evening Dinner

This is a more formal, sit-down event meant to cap off a full day of workshops. A beautiful setting, excellent food and live music make this event a popular event for our attendees. Our sponsor receives a few minutes up front to share with our attendees who you are, what you do, and how you can be a resource for them. Our sponsor is also welcome to provide table signage and leave-behind materials at every seat.

Friday Lunch & Membership Meeting - $7,500

This event provides a nice lunch for our attendees and segues directly into our Annual Meeting of the Membership where our members will conduct their business for the year. Our sponsor receives a few minutes up front to share with our attendees who you are, what you do, and how you can be a resource for them. Our sponsor is also welcome to provide table signage and leave-behind materials at every seat.

Friday Dinner & After Glow - $5,000

This casual networking event caps off a busy week and provides our attendees with one last chance to be together, to trade contact information, and to enjoy a fun evening together. This event will be held outside if weather permits, and is always a very popular event with our attendees. Our sponsor receives a few minutes up front to share with our attendees who you are, what you do, and how you can be a resource for them. Our sponsor is also welcome to provide signage throughout the venue as you'd like. Our sponsor is also invited to provide a give-away item to all attendees if you'd like.


During each workshop block, attendees will choose from three workshop options. Each session is moderated by an attendee from one of our institutions and will provide a few minutes up front for the sponsor to share who they are, what they do and how they can be a resource for our attendees. Sponsors are also encouraged to provide leave-behind material at every seat. ABACC will help you determine which session best fits your interests. When appropriate, we can sometimes integrate the sponsor into the presentation by crafting questions or opportunities for input. Sponsors will work directly with the ABACC Office to customize a perfect sponsorship just for you.

Knowledge Exchange Breakouts

On Thursday afternoon of the Conference, attendees will select a "Knowledge Exchange" session based on their particular demographic. These are moderated, open discussion sessions where attendees bring their own questions and the group works together to provide best practices from their own experiences. The sponsor is welcome to interact with the group as appropriate. Knowledge Exchange workshops are often the most popular workshop we offer and typically extremely well attended.

Breakfast - $1,500 / day

Our attendees enjoy a self-service breakfast each day. Breakfast sponsors are welcome to provide signage and bring their team to interact with attendees as they enjoy their meal in a casual setting. 

Ad & Editorial Space in the ABACC Conference Program

Available only to Conference Sponsors and steeply discounted (you may add ad or editorial space to your sponsorship, but not ONLY purchase ad/editorial space). Everything our attendees need can be found in the Conference Program and therefore our Programs are utilized throughout the Conference by every attendee. Provide your artwork for a full or half page ad, or provide editorial content to provide resources specific to your products and services. If you would like help in designing your ad graphics, ABACC can put you in touch with our graphic design services for discounted pricing.

Download ad specs.

Download editorial specs.