Research and Data

The ABACC Data Warehouse, powered by CapinCrouse LLP, gathers and analyzes a variety of data about our member institutions. The results of these research projects can be useful managerial tools for your campus.

Financial Ratio & Benchmarking Study
A six-year benchmarking report including all of ABACC’s member institutions using the four ratios of the Composite Financial Index.

Annual Compensation Study
A review of more than a dozen positions including administrative, business office staff and director positions, reported by years of service, size of institution, geographical region and institutional size.

Annual Endowment Study
Learn how your institution’s endowment compares to other members on a variety of important and relevant metrics.

Physical Plant Benchmarking Study
When planning for growth it may be helpful to compare your institution with other institutions of similar size. This project provides common indicators including FTE, residential capacity, staffing, parking and square footage. 

Staff: Student Ratios
How many staff members do you need in the Business Office?  How about in other departments?  This ratio project will help you determine the appropriate number of staff members according to the size of your student body. 

Fund Development Survey
Useful information and comparative data to measure the success of your fund development efforts.