Luther Rice College & Seminary

James Flanagan, Ph.D - President

Greetings from the campus of Luther Rice. 

Luther Rice has been a member of ABACC for several years, and I want to share with you that we highly value our membership and partnership.

Through ABACC, our institution’s CFO has developed significantly with regard to the role, knowledge, and duties of a CFO.  Our institution has been the beneficiary of the excellent training seminars and workshops provided by ABACC.

Our CFO has been given the opportunity to network with members of ABACC which provides enrichment and enhancement personally and professionally.  Issues that arise can often be addressed by contacting a “multitude of counselors.”

In addition, by being a member of ABACC, our CFO has found support and strength through fellow members who have similar experiences.  There has been a professional and family-like atmosphere that manifests itself in many helpful ways. 

Because of ABACC, our institution continues to reap the benefits of the expertise and experience of the leadership and membership who comprise the ABACC organization.

I recommend ABACC to you and hope that you will come to know the blessing of membership.   

James Flanagan, Ph.D.