Exhibitors Additional Instructions
  1. The purchase of your exhibit booth allows you up to TWO meeting registrations which includes access to all events, workshops and meals (except as otherwise noted).  Additional representatives must register as regular attendees (sorry, no exceptions).
  2. If you would like to provide a give-away for our prize drawings:
    1. Products with a retail value of $50 or more should be included in the exhibit hall prize drawing.
    2. Products with a retail value of less than $50 should be drawn at your booth.
    3. As the conference approaches, you will be prompted to provide information in order to participate.
  3. Interaction between exhibitors and conference delegates is highly encouraged.  You are welcomed to meet with delegates both at official exhibit hall hours and at times throughout the day.  We request that you NOT meet with delegates during conference workshops or sponsored events.
  4. Shipping must be arranged with ABACC's convention services company. Contact Brede Exposition Services at (407) 851-0261.
  5. Sound-producing equipment must be operated at a volume that does not disturb adjacent exhibitors.  
  6. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to secure adequate insurance coverage for all of their equipment and personnel.  Neither ABACC, Conferences Inc., the hotel/conference center or any subcontractors working at the conference are liable for loss, damage or injury.
  7. The hotel/conference center provides general security.  The security of your exhibit and personal items is your responsible.
  8. Exhibitors may not tape, paste, thumbtack, nail or otherwise affix signs, posters or otherwise to hotel walls.  Any signs or other materials leaned against walls must be properly padded so as not to cause damage.  Damage, accidental or otherwise, is billed to the exhibitor for full cost.  Easels and bulletin boards may be rented from our exhibition services company.
  9. All exhibits and displays are to be of non-combustible material and must comply with the fire regulations of the city in which the conference is held.
  10. The distribution or posting of any advertising material including brochures, souvenirs, pens, etc. must be limited to the exhibit booth.  It is not permitted in the aisles or other areas of the exhibit hall, hotel or areas designated as ABACC registration areas.  Displays may not be constructed or operated in any way that would impair the visual sightline of any other exhibitors.
  11. All exhibits must remain fully assembled until the official closing of the exhibit hall.  Leaving early looks bad for you, for ABACC and for your exhibit hall neighbors.  Exhibitors who leave early may not be invited back to ABACC Conferences.
  12. HOTEL SCAM CALLS: Please note that if you receive calls from some sort of "convention services" organization offering you a reduced rate at the conference hotel, THIS IS A SCAM! Do not give them your credit card information!
  13. ABACC outsources the management of our exhibit hall to Conferences, Inc.  Additional questions, issues or concerns may be directed to Linda Daniels at conferencesinc@aol.com.