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 Association of Business Administrators Annual Conference Wyndham Orlando FL

Do you want to grow your business with private college and university clients?

The ABACC Annual Conference hosts primarily chief financial officers and business office personnel.

These individuals are the key purchasers of almost all products and services a higher education institution utilizes. Those charged with financial oversight on Christian college and university campuses are always on the lookout for better products, improved services, and healthier ways to use limited resources, as well as innovative methods to improve the bottom line.

Pricing & Policies



“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for a great conference. This conference is so different. Vendors are appreciated and treated well and with respect. The structure is good and you conduct the conference in a manner that includes vendors as important partners. I have attended so many conferences over the years and ABACC is really special. Well done! I will definitely see you next year.”  — John W. Dysart President, The Dysart Group

Why attend? The CFO is almost always part of the decision making process when a potential vendor is under consideration. ABACC conference attendees are in "buying mode" when they walk through the exhibit hall.

If you want to make new contacts and open new opportunities for your business, it's critical your company is represented!  ABACC expects attendees representing 80-100 institutions at our conference as well as another 100-150 corporate attendees.

Priority Exhibit Hall Access

Priority access to exhibit hall booth space is given in the following order:

  • Last year's exhibitors who also sponsored an event are given first choice
  • Last year's non-sponsor exhibitors are given second choice
  • ABACC Corporate Partners who did not exhibit last year are given third choice
  • Non-members are invited to select booth spaces after ABACC Corporate Partners have selected their spaces.

Exhibitor Spotlights

 Association of Business Administrator Exhibitor Spotlight

Showcase your products and services, provide a demo, or otherwise share with our attendees how you can be a resource to their institutions. Multiple 30-minute blocks of time throughout the conference, formally listed as programming options in our conference program book. Requires double booth purchase to provide sufficient space.

Important Details