ABACC Corporate Partner Membership Benefits

Opportunities to Market Your Products & Services

Annual Conference Sponsorships

  • Sponsorships range from $250 to $15,000 depending on the event
  • Sponsorships include:
    • Registration kit stuffers, attendee tote bags, and give-aways
    • Refreshment breaks, meals, and special events
    • Workshops and high-profile events including "face-time" in front of our attendees
    • Partner arrangement with ABACC's Registration Table
    • Conference program ad space
    • And more!

Focus Workshops & Webinars

  • Host/present live workshops and webinars on topics of interest to the ABACC membership using the ABACC brand
    • An "ABACC branded" web event is an ABACC event sponsored by the presenter. ABACC handles all of the logistics including invitations, registrations and web hosting. ABACC limits the number of these events we do each year. ABACC branded events typically draw better attendance than non-sponsored events.
    • A "Partner branded" web event is YOUR event and does not require any sponsorship. ABACC can help you promote the event by making sure you have an updated invitation list, working together on workshop content and cross-promoting the event with our membership.Corporate Partners are also welcomed to provide sales demonstration-style web events and ABACC can provide some assistance, although we typically do not cross-promote these events.

ABACC Website

  • 90 days of premium exposure on ABACC's home page with your logo prominently placed
  • ABACC averages 40,000 website visits every year

Exhibit / Trade Show at the ABACC Annual Conference

  • Two days of exhibits with an average of 100 institutional attendees. For specific information including schedule and pricing, visit the Annual Conference page of our website.

Presentations, Speaking Opportunities, Educational Materials

  • ABACC hosts a Call For Presentations in early spring of each year in preparation for the following February's Annual Conference. The materials are sent to the primary representative you've designated on your membership directory listing.
  • ABACC is always seeking educational opportunities such as live workshops and webinars for our member institutions. If you would like to host an event or invite ABACC members to your current roster of events, please contact the ABACC office. ABACC is always seeking educational materials such as white papers, articles, research, guidelines, manuals, helpful tips, information about regulations, or any other pieces that would help our member institutions do their jobs better. Send your materials to Bruce Hoeker at the ABACC office.
  • Upload your content to any of our member forums. Subscribers receive notifications when you post your content. A great way to get your materials into the hands of interested members.

ABACC Consulting Consortium

ABACC seeks experienced, knowledgeable, and reputable professionals in all areas of interest to institutions of Christian Higher Education. Our consultants must understand the Christian college environment and be willing to work within the cultural and moral guidelines of our institutions. 

Scholarship Program

Contribute to a scholarship program in your company’s name that will allow ABACC to provide complimentary memberships and/or conference registrations for your current or prospective clients. This is a great way to provide a wonderful service for your clients while creating excellent goodwill.

ABACC Membership Demographics

ABACC Institutional Members represent a diverse collection of size, geographic location, and denominational affiliation. Our member institutions cover the United States. We also have many member institutions in Canada. Please let us know if we can help you break down our institutional members into specific demographic groups for you.

Additional Opportunities

With no "red tape" to deal with here in the ABACC Office, we are able to help our Corporate Partners in a variety of ways—some of which are listed here.  If you have specific ideas about how to reach out to our institutional members, please feel free to contact the ABACC office. We are always willing to brainstorm with you and consider new and interesting ways to partner together. Our ultimate goal is to increase the availability of quality products and services to our Institutional Members. If we can help you get your name out in front of our member schools, everyone wins!

ABACC Corporate Partner Code of Conduct