Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary

Dr. Justin Cooper, Executive Director

Leaving a position of Senior Pastor to serve in my current position as president of a Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary, I simply did not know what was available to help strengthen institutions of higher learning and thereby assist me in this new role. Then I learned of ABACC and became a huge fan.

The ABACC Listserv keeps me current on important issues effecting institutions of higher learning, alerting me to issues that could have easily placed our institution out of compliance or in violation of new federal laws. The ABACC annual conferences introduced me to vendors specializing in services to postsecondary institutions of higher education. Our campus is now insured with a vendor I met at the annual conference.

I learned that there were companies available to help with student housing, meals, maintenance, laundry, etc. Whether for training new CFO hires, using their online resources, updating job descriptions, or seeking to fill vacancies, I have found their services to be extremely valuable.

Now, after serving this institution for twenty-one years, I am still unaware of any association that works harder to have current, relative, and essential information and vendors gathered in one place, for the sole purpose of benefiting institutions of higher education in fulfilling their mission.

In the Spirit of Excellence,
Eddie G. Grigg, President
Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary