CampusEDU is Transforming Higher Education

campus edu solutions for higher education

CampusEDU is an EdTech company that is building an unprecedented suite of tools to transform higher education.

Our innovative software solutions equip institutions to connect and reach this generation of learners. 

The Problem

Today’s student demands software that is beautifully designed and efficient, and education is an area where a focus on the user experience lags behind other segments of society. Institutions are struggling to keep pace with technology that, properly implemented, could reduce attrition, increase credit portability, and improve learning.

Our Solution

Campus is creating three innovative solutions to address these problems:


campus discover


campus discover

Campus Discover – A customized mobile app that features your faculty, courses, and academic programs in an attractive graphical user interface. 

Launched August 2020: Discover how to transform program discovery »

campus learncampus learn

Campus Learn – A new type of online course, taught by traditional faculty from partner institutions that provides the state-of-art in online education.

Launched September 2020: Learn how to transform online education »




Campus Schedule on Laptop

campus schedule

Campus Schedule – An innovative degree audit tool that automates the advising process while providing courses from both a student's home institution as well as partner institutions from around our academic league.

Launching Summer 2021: Automate your advising process with Schedule »