Become an ABACC Consultant

ABACC seeks experienced, knowledgeable, and reputable professionals in all areas of interest to institutions of Christian Higher Education. Our consultants must understand the Christian collegiate environment and be willing to work within the cultural and moral guidelines of our institutions. ABACC places a higher preference for accepting and referring new professional consultants to our Corporate Partner Members.

All of ABACC's professionals in the consulting consortium must agree to the following:

  1. All engagements will be agreed upon in writing between the institution and the consultant.
  2. All agreements will include a disclosure of all financial arrangements, including disclosure of any fee paid to ABACC.
  3. All agreements will include a release of liability to ABACC.
  4. An appropriate referral fee may be requested for each engagement.
  5. Copies of all agreements will be forwarded to ABACC prior to the engagement.
  6. All engagements will be followed-up on to ensure the satisfaction of ABACC member institutions. Unfulfilled contracts, inappropriate behavior, or other problems may result in the removal of the consultant from the consortium.

First Reference

Second Reference

Third Reference

Neither ABACC nor any agent acting on its behalf shall be liable to the Consultant for any negligence, losses relating to ABACC's provision of the Consultant's name and contact information to a website user, or website malfunction in furtherance of the performance of information services under this contract. ABACC makes no representation, promise, warranty, or guarantee regarding either the accuracy of Consultant information provided via its website or the nature, number, or frequency of contacts that will result from the Consultant's inclusion as a source of professional services on ABACCs website. It is not the parties' intention that ABACC assume responsibility for any loss caused by its performance of services under this contract or for any loss, damage, or other liability sustained in connection with this Agreement or the relation hereby established. It is further agreed that as consideration for ABACC's listing of the Consultant on ABACC's website, the Consultant shall indemnify and hold harmless ABACC for any legal liability, claims, or costs, including attorney's fees, that result from a claim asserted by an actual or potential client of the Consultant.