Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

Dr. Michael Galligan-Stierle, President

In the tradition of ACCU and our mission to “contribute to the greater good of the world and the Church,” we are proud to endorse and recommend the Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC).

As a chief financial officer, business officer, or business administrator of a Catholic college or university, your strategic guidance and financial management is critical to the mission of your institution and vision of its board and leadership. ABACC is a community of like-minded professionals who discuss and share their knowledge on relevant topics, current regulations, and higher education-related issues while sharing the same goal: serving God at our institutions to the best of our abilities.

I encourage you to explore what ABACC has to offer you and your institution. Membership in ABACC offers many benefits:

  • ABACC Listserv: Daily opportunities to discuss issues specific to higher education through a Christian worldview perspective directly with your peers at similar institutions;
  • Affordable: One membership covers multiple individual members at your college or university;
  • Resources: Access to industry-leading experts and experienced professionals who can help you carry out every facet of your institution’s business;
  • Continuing Education: Free webinars on topics of interest to Christian Higher Education business officers and staff (with CPE eligibility);
  • Fellowship: The opportunity to cultivate long-term professional relationships with your colleagues and network with your peers;
  • Data: Access to the ABACC Data Warehouse, our growing library with studies and benchmarking data on compensation, endowment, staff: student ratios, physical plant, and fund development statistics to to support your financial decisions;
  • Insight: Discover how other institutions solve universal problems and respond to campus challenges. Learn from their best practices;
  • Professional Development: Enhance your technical expertise through webinars, events, and the ABACC Annual Conference.

Please consider adding your knowledge and insight to the community of Christian Business Administrators by joining ABACC. You will discover an outstanding organization who will support you, where you can connect with fellow Business Administrators, and strengthen your professional skills in an environment that affirms our common Christian faith and values.

Contact ABACC Executive Director, Bruce Hoeker, at 877-303-8666 or via email at:

Dr. Michael Galligan-Stierle
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities