About the Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges

Why Belong

  • Discuss issues specific to higher education through a Christian worldview perspective;

  • Have access to top-notch experts and experienced professionals who can help you in every facet of carrying out an institution’s business;

  • Cultivate long-term professional relationships with your colleagues and network with your peers;

  • Learn how other institutions solve universal problems and learn from their “best practices”;

  • Gain insight to anticipate and respond to campus challenges;

  • Advance your technical expertise;

  • Secure the knowledge that your institution is on track, off track, or doing better/worse than others;

  • Have access to data to support decisions;

  • Give as much as you get, supporting your colleagues as they support you.

Benefits of Institutional Membership

  • Access to the Business Officers listserv - a great place to post questions, share concerns, brainstorm with your peers, and learn from experienced colleagues

  • Personal, professional and career development opportunities

  • Reduced registration fees for the Annual Conference

  • Free webinars all year long on topics of interest to Christian Higher Education business officers and staff

  • Access to the annual ABACC Financial Ratio & Benchmarking Study, personalized for your institution, benchmarking your school against the rest of the ABACC membership

  • Access to the annual ABACC Data Warehouse, housing numerous studies and benchmarking data including compensation, endowment, staff:student ratios, physical plant and fund development statistics.

  • Access to online courses (including CPE credit)

  • A library of resources and sample documents

  • Access to professional consultants, peer consultants, peer group visits and more

  • Low cost CPE credits to help you maintain your CPA licensing

  • And so much more!

What does belonging mean to you? Download "Success by Association," and learn what it could mean!