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At ABACC, we know that you want to serve God faithfully in your calling as a Christian Business Officer. To do that you need guidance, access to resources, exceptional training, and the backing of a network of peers who will help support you.


At ABACC, we believe you are called to make a difference every day. As the only association providing networking, training, and support for higher education finance officers from a Christian worldview, we understand the resources you need to be successful. Don’t wait — choose your membership plan today!

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Why Am I a Member?

I’ve been a member for more than twenty years. ABACC provides resources I need to be successful in fulfilling our mission.
Dr. Dee Mooney, Vice President for Finance, Toccoa Falls College

We know it’s a big step and you’re not sure how membership will help you. Why not:

  1. Take a look at our current members. No matter how big or small your college or university is, ABACC membership is the right fit for you.

  2. Read why leading Christian College and University Presidents insist their Business Officers become ABACC members.

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